Investors include
Investors include

Why Propoly?

Get to move-in faster by reducing tenancy admin

Invite Tenants to make digital offers, pay holding fees, sign ASTs and pay move-in monies all online with minimal manual effort for your side. Generate a deal using details provided by Tenants digitally, and generate the Tenancy agreement instantly by selecting your custom options.

Automatically provide your Landlords and Tenants with instant updates on every step of the process

Landlords are provided with a dedicated login where they can see all their properties, viewing feedback, tenancy documents and status updates throughout the tenancy progression process. Tenants similarly can see status updates for themselves and co-tenants, whilst also doing their references, signing and paying monies.

Generate more revenue through the click of a button

Sign Landlords to rent protection instantly, without needing to email a provider seperately. Provide new Tenants with free council tax and utilities switching instantly, whilst also generating referral fees in the process.

Work smarter with an Activity Feed

Have a live feed anytime a landlord, tenant or vendor completes something, so you are always on top of your tenancies. If an action is required, you can quickly go to the relevant deal without needing to scroll through long lists of properties or deals.

Everything taken care of

Digital Tenancy Agreement

Create a custom tenancy agreement for a property within minutes

Digital Signing

No printing or scanning anymore. All documents are stored securely online

Digital Deposit Registration

Automatic deposit registration once move-in monies are paid

Money & Payment Tracking

Monitor all payments made through the system

Digital Offers

Receive offers digitally directly from lead tenants

Digital Referencing

Track progress and increase response time with an open-banking instant reference

Rent Guarantee

Offer your landlords rent guarantee from a click of a button

Utility Switching

Generate revenue by offering tenants utility switching

Make a lettings tenancy creation effortless with Propoly

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